Our Team

Greg Severson

Greg started with the company in 1982 in our drafting and design department.  Greg proved that there is always room for growth at Duke Pacific.  While he started as a Draftsman he moved to become the Chief Draftsman, moved to Estimator, from there joined and eventually ran the Purchasing Department, then was promoted to Sales, then on to Vice President and eventually purchased the company with Judy Braaten in 1993.  Greg is currently the President of Duke Pacific, Inc. Email Greg

Judy Braaten

Judy started her career with the Weyerhaeuser organization but quickly realized that the big corporate world was not her calling and began working for the then Pacific Roof Structures and Dierk Peters as their accountant.  She was promoted to Secretary/Treasurer and Controller of the firm and to this day still holds those positions.  She, along with Greg Severson, Purchased Duke Pacific in 1993 and still manages all of the firms finances.  Email Judy

Stan Little
Sales/Project Manager

With over thirty years of experience in the industry, Stan is able to successfully manage and lead Duke Pacific’s Sales division. His long standing career is a reflection of his high values, knowledge, and integrity.  Starting over thirty years ago as a draftsman, Stan is now responsible for all sales, estimates, and project management.  Stan is with you from beginning to end, providing you with one-on-one contact from bid to successful completion of every project. Email Stan

Merv Chantland
Operations Manager 

With over thirty years of experience in the roof structure industry, Merv successfully manages all field operations and employees.  Starting out as an estimator for Beven-Herron, he quickly advanced in his career because of his understanding of operations and level of professionalism. He prides himself on the ability to coordinate complex projects and navigate problems when they arise, striving to meet and beat deadlines and budget numbers. He is a team leader committed to integrity and honesty. Email Merv

Brian Lamarca
Material Procurement Manager

Brian started in panelized roof structure industry in 1986 as an apprentice, quickly working his way up to foreman and eventually moved into office doing material bills.  He became a Duke Pacific team member in 2013, but had a long standing career at Beven-Herron for twenty-six years. He is responsible for material take offs, all field shop drawings, drafting and job related RFI’s. Email Brian

Tricia Alcala
Drafting/Administrative Assistance

Tricia started with Duke Pacific since 2003 in our Engineering department as a Detailer.  She now complements our sales department with her degree in drafting and design.  She reviews all bid invites, plans, plan revisions and shop drawings.  She manages all facets of plans and submittals.  Her keen eye for detail and ability to multi- task makes her a valuable asset to our team. Email Tricia

Jenny Robles
Detailer/Material Take-Off

Jenny has freshly returned to Duke Pacific after a short departure.  She previously worked for the firm from 2004 to 2008.  She has an Associate Degree in drafting.  Her responsibilities will include material take offs, field shop drawings, drafting and job related RFI’s. Email Jenny

Toni Gasper

Toni started with Duke Pacific, Inc. in 1998 in our Engineering department as a Detailer and left in 2004 to start a family.  She returned in 2006 as an Estimator and has been here ever since.  Her ability to draw a project from start to finish gives her a vast understanding of all types of roof structures, which makes her the perfect person to dissect plans and provide accurate pricing. She works closely with all of our salesmen and is an asset to the Duke Pacific Team. Email Toni 

Janice Vysin

Janice started with Duke Pacific in 1984 and was a valued member of our Accounting department until 1987.  At that point she took a 20 year hiatus to raise a family.  She returned to her duties in 2007 and picked up as if she never left.  Among a host of other things, she is responsible for tracking and paying every invoice that comes to our company.  If you are a Duke Pacific vendor, Janice knows when you were last paid, the amount you were last paid, and when your next invoice is due. Email Janice

Karen Rowlands
Human Resources Director

Karen can be counted upon for any number of duties.  She currently can be described as our Human Resources director.  Among other duties, Karen sees to it that every employee is paid correctly and on time each and every week.  She indoctrinates every new employee, handles every expense report and still finds time to assist in billing issues.  She is a very hard worker and is always up for a new task. Email Karen

Dave Collazo

Sales/Project Manager

Dave has over twenty years of experience in construction.  As a young man Dave worked as a Foremen and Carpenter for Pacific Nailing in the early 1990’s.  Dave was offered an opportunity with Duke Pacific in September of 1995 as an assistant Warehouse Manager.  As time progressed Dave took courses in Drafting/Engineering and worked his way to CAD Designer, Material Bills, and then Field Superintendent.  In 2009 Dave left to explore other areas of construction.  He was employed by Retrofit Service Company, a company specializing in Direct Digital Controls; this is where he developed his expertise in Project Management.  Dave has returned to Duke Pacific as of July 2015 in Sales/Project Management.  Let Dave’s expertise coupled with his passion for construction make your building project successful