About Duke Pacific

Our company was founded by Dirk D. Peters in 1958 under the name Pacific Roof Structures, Inc.  In 1985 we purchased the Duke Timber Company and changed the name to Duke Pacific, Inc.  We have been in continuous operation since 1958 using our original Contractors License number 176982.  Our complete story can be found in the history section.

What We Do

We provide products and services for all types of roof structures and framing.  We like to say, “If it has a roof, we can build it or fix it.”  From large million square foot panelized roof structures to simple repairs or upgrades, we can do it all.  A full list our talents can be seen in the Services section.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t do roofing or anything to mitigate any water intrusion issues.  While it is true that our roof may help in keeping nature’s elements outside, the primary role of the roof structure is to provide structural integrity to any building.  Because “roof structure” and “roofing” both use the word “roof” some people have mistakenly assumed that both systems provide the same roll.  They don’t, in fact, a roof structure is guaranteed to leak!  It is the roofing, that once applied correctly, prevents nature’s elements from entering a building.

Who We Serve

From large corporate developers and international general contractors to end users and small business owners, we have provided our services to just about every type of client.  A partial list of those we have worked for can be found in the Clients section.

What We Strive For

Safety is job No. 1 at Duke Pacific, Inc. and we strive to be the safest company in our industry.

We strive to become our clients’ partner in every project we do.  A happy client is one that will want to continue to work with DUKE PACIFIC, INC.