Panelized Roof

Standard hybrid roof structures utilizing open web steel girders and joists with a traditional panelized wood deck.



Steel Deck 

Open web steel girders and joists with steel deck for roof or floor systems. 

Wood Joist 

I joist purlins and joists or open web wood purlins provide many advantages to roof structure designs. 

Architectural Glulam 

Glulam beams can provide an attractive method of structural design including arches and bridges. They offer a wide variety of roof systems and spans. Glulam trusses provide a statement for any building or public facility. 


Vertical walls, mansards, soffits, towers and all types of commercial wood framing. 

Seismic Retrofit 

Upgrade any type of roof or floor system to meet the demands of today’s building code. 

Structural Repairs 

Repair any damaged roof member or simply upgrade to add new loads.