Freezer Building

  • Riverside
  • Completed October 2010
  • Fullmer Construction

This project was unique in that the overwhelming majority of the 496,000 square feet is currently being used as a freezer or as a cold room.  This required us to work closely with the structural steel sub-contractor as there were numerous wide flange steel beams within and over the roof structure to support or house the giant cooler units used to cool the majority of the building.  The roof structure system utilized open web steel joists and girders (some galvanized) with a galvanized metal deck system of various gauges.  The main roof structure was over 43 foot tall with 60 foot joist spans with some areas of the roof system over 60 feet above the finished floor.  While erecting the metal deck, we utilized our own specialized method of “panelizing” metal deck and joists keeping the majority of our workers on the ground and safe while saving our customer months of erection time over the traditional method of metal deck installation.

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